Welcome to Sherkston Trailer Rentals Inc.

PLEASE NOTE:  Until further notice, NO BOOKINGS can be made through this website as the payment function is currently disabled and under construction.

Sherkston Trailer Rentals Inc. is a unique, custom-built online portal for Sherkston Owners to advertise their unit. 


All payments including damage deposits are done directly with the unit owner and their individual Paypal account. 

Sherkston Trailer Rentals Inc. has no access to renter funds including damage deposits or credit card information. 

Sherkston Trailer Rentals Inc. does not provide rental advice.   

Welcome to Sherkston Trailer Rentals where you can book directly with trailer owners!  A portal to connect you directly with owners at one of the most popular destinations in Southern Ontario!  

Sherkston Shores Beach Resort and Campground is a full-service park with endless amenities and beautiful sandy beaches located a short 90-minute drive from the GTA, or 60-minutes from Hamilton/Stoney Creek.

Welcome to Sherkston Trailer Rentals!

Sherkston Trailer Rentals is a custom-built online booking portal that brings owners and renters together without a middleman.   Sherkston owners can list, book and manage their privately owned units.

Our new owner to renter platform allows you to find a unit that suits the needs of your family.

Some of the amazing amenities at Sherkston Shores include:

*Additional fees apply

What makes the Booking Portal unique?

  1. All renter funds are paid directly to a specific owner. No unit switching is allowed once booked.   A  24 hour consumer cooling off period is provided prior to the Owner charging the Renter’s credit card.  
  2. Sherkston Trailers Rentals Inc. has no access to renter funds nor credit card info.
  3. Contracts are between Owners and Renters and produced electronically at time of booking. 
  4. Owners must accept or decline a specific reservation by signing into their Square-up account and accepting the payment. from the renter.  
  5. Owners choose their own Property Manager to assist with the renters stay.  Sherkston Trailer Rentals Inc. is not a property manager.
  6. Property Managers assist  renters only AFTER the booking has been completed with the owner.  
  7. Property Managers do not provide rental advice to renters.
  8. Property Managers help renters during their stay and handle any deficiencies with the unit as well as arrange cleaning and other maintenance issues.